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Tolling & ITS

Dynamic Toll Lanes & DTL
Freeflow  & ETC

Eclipse Management has delivered Bus Rapid Transport Corridors combined with Dynamic Toll Lanes. We have designed Tolling Algorithms capable of adjusting the toll rate as frequent as every 5 minutes, based on the real conditions of the Main Purpose Lanes as well as the Dynamic Toll Lanes.

Eclipse Management is a Consulting Company with more freeflow projects successfully delivered in the world. Our system designs are currently collecting more than 1Billion Transactions per Year.

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
Migration to All Electronic Tolling (AET)

Eclipse Management have also been responsible for the design and deployment of the whole ITS Solution within the DTL, ranging from CCTV, Variable Message, Automated Barriers, Advance Traffic Sensors, Incident Management and the Control Center ad Disaster Recovery Platforms.

Eclipse Management has migrated several clients form Cash and Credit Card Tolling  to AET, defining the strategy to follow, each of the steps, budget, equipment deployment, marketing efforts as well as a detailed Go-Live Schedule.